Planet of the Milky Way where it all began.


Abydos is the homeworld of Kasuf, Skaara and Sha're, dominated for several millennia by the Supreme System Lord Ra. In ancient times, Ra deported a number of ancient Egyptians from the Earth through the Stargate to Abydos forcing them to work for him at the mines of Naquadah scattered in the desert. Following the revolt of the slaves land, that burying their Stargate, Ra will forbade any form of writing, fearing another uprising. On the planet there is a small farming community located a short distance from the Temple of Ra, a perfect copy of the Pyramid of Khufu, which houses the Stargate. The village chief is Kasuf of slaves; his children Sha're and Skaara become attached respectively to Daniel Jackson and Jack O'Neill, deciding to help them defeat Ra, who is killed by O'Neill himself.

A year later, a Goa'uld named Apophis and Sha're kidnaps Skaara, and implanted them in his partner, Amonet, and his son, Klorel. Meanwhile occurs on Earth where threatens the destruction of humanity. Reborn as the Stargate Program and O'Neill is sent with the SG-1 back to Abydos to see the status of its inhabitants, including Jackson. From now on, the Stargate Command will begin to explore space in search of technologies for defensive purposes, research that also adds that Jackson wants to find his wife. Years later, Skaara manages to be released by the parasite but Sha're is killed by Daniel Jackson Teal'c before the attacks, while both were in search of his son, the Harcesis. SG-1 returns to Abydos at the request of Kasuf when it arrives on the planet Shifu, the child Harcesis. Shifu shows extremely realistic hallucination Jackson to prove that the genetic memory of Harcesis can cause misery and suffering on a global scale, or even interstellar. The System Lord Anubis destroys Abydos with a weapon consisting of five components ("Eyes"), but Oma Desala helps to ascend the entire population of the planet before it is cut off.  Despite the visit by the unit SG1, Abydos was destroyed completely and it remains a rather large asteroid field.

Abydos moon's Modifica

After the destruction of Abydos, the three moons that orbited around the planet suffered a violent gravitational shift becoming a triple planetary system