Ahura Mazda
Ahura mazda
Status: Deceased
Gender: Asexual (Male personality)
Race: Goa'uld
Homeplanet: Unkhnow
Rank: Former System Lord
Allegiances: Himself
Galaxy: Milky way
Ancient Goa'uld, master of the same Yu Huang Shang Ti which taught the art of government. Revered in Persia as the greatest deity, it has unfortunately become a shadow of itself because of senile dementia that surrounds him.

History Modifica

Ancient goa'uld and System Lord , known for its pragmatism and its diplomacy before the advent of the System Lord Yu Huang Shangti , generated by a queen less the same Apep and raised on the planet known as P3X-888 , between the row before go'uld Atok and then with the same Apep , where he became a lieutenant . His career began right on the planet of goa'uld , where matured into one of the various streams, like many of his brothers took a ' guest Unas joining the tribe of Atok and at his death , of his son. Having distinguished himself for his great diplomatic talent , Ahura Mazda gained control of some planets in the Milky Way long before the same Ra or Anubis , and this saw to it that the goa'uld be loosed by the brothers in advance than other symbionts . Upon learning of the death of Apep , took the side of Ra fighting the usurper Anubis and for this he was granted access to a newly discovered planet , Earth. Having settled in the area that we now named Iran , Ahura Mazda was to form a religion in that area and founded the Persian Empire and became the first ruler but then leave without abandoning the planet . With a large following of goa'uld , Ahura Mazda settled for several centuries on planet Earth making occasional trips to his dominion which he left interstellar to control his satraps .In spite of the efficient organizational system and the political dominance of Ahura Mazda never became a domain of great prestige goa'uld also due to the express will of the System Lord to maintain a low profile. After many centuries , the goa'uld strangely began to feel the passage of time and in the space of a single decade appeared the symptoms of senile dementia due to old age. The goa'uld began to frequently use the sarcophagus without getting result and the situation got worse until one of his underlord took the opportunity to depose him and kill him , succeeding in controlling the empire.


Ahura Mazda Supreme Deity of Zoroastrianism, from its origins until the Arab conquest of Iran, and parsismo, survival of this religion practiced in India. The first part of the name means "divine being", the second part refers to its nature as a "wisdom." In A. Zoroastrianism exalted to the dignity of an ancient deity only pre-existent deity, degrading to the rank of demons and enemies of God other divine figures. According to the modern interpretation in A. is to see the figure of the 'Lord who thinks', with reference to a magical thinking that would be the tool of creativity.