Manufacter: Goa'uld
Designer: Ptah
Class: Bomber/Transport
Lenght: 35 meters
Height/Depth: 15 meters
Engine unit's: Sublight


Fuel: Naquadah
Hyperdrive System: Interstellar
Power Plant: Engine room
Shelding: Goa'uld shield Upgrades
Control System: Pel'tak
Countermeasures: Cloaking device
Armament: 2 Staff cannons

Plasma charges

Minimum Crew: 12 people
Passenger: 50 troops
Other System: Ring transport
Affiliation: Goa'uld


Free Jaffà nation

Powerful medium-range bomber , often used for attacks against forts and military posts , and acts as a support during the invasions of individual System Lords . Bigger than a Tel'tac and smaller than a Ha'tak , resembles the shape of a pyramid like every Goa'uld ship .

The Al'kesh as any ship or Goa'uld have a pyramidal shape that recalls the geometry . Two large curvilinear wings converge on the structure of the cockpit . Every single bomber is able to travel sublight and is also equipped with a Hyperdrive , although much less powerful than that of a normal Ha'tak . It can , however, make interstellar travel though it must have rest time between a jump and another. The bridge of Al'kesh has a control station and two chairs pilot , one with a control interface spherical .

Each Al'Kesh owns two guns goa'uld can severely damage the underground structures including the Tok'ra . other weapons are comparable in power to the weapons with Auction goa'uld , there is also a shield , however, much lower than that of a ship Ha'tak . Each Al'kesh is equipped with a system of concealment .

For the movement of troops and equipment, is equipped with rings conveyor , which is located in a large room that can also be used for storage . The ships are capable of carrying loads across a sling suspended on the surface of a planet , and some were adapted to tow cargo ships in space.