Armored exoskeletons
Vanir exoskeleton
Manufacter: Vanir
Designer: Vanir
Function: Protective suit
Size: Various
Made of: Unkhnow
Power Source: Unkhnow
Affiliation: Vanir
The Armored exoskeleton was a type of equipment used by the Vanir.


This suit of armor encompasses the entire body of the members of the Vanir, making their identity difficult to determine. However, the suit can accommodate anyone roughly the same size as a human. At first, it was believed that the battle armor was the equivalent of Earth SWAT members, but as the aliens continued wearing them after the battle it implied they served another purpose. The Vanir chose a planet to live on with a toxic atmosphere in order to protect themselves from the Wraith. These suits protected them from the atmosphere so they could remain on the planet.

Inside the suit's helmet, which is detachable from the rest of the suit, is a Heads up display. This display shows various sensors and can differentiate between friend or foe, outlining a friend in green and a foe in red.

The armor has a wide range of technological abilities, which include: Vanir shield

Resistant to significant impacts, such as the force of landing after jumping from a great height. The suits were able to land with enough force to produce a large dust cloud without incident. Given the padded interior of the suit, this may be more effective for the much shorter Vanir than it would an average human. Thrusters in the feet to slow descent speed, but only marginally. The ability to resist incredibly high levels of otherwise fatal radiation. A magnetic holster where an energy weapon is located. A circular shield in the left arm that can withstand sustained fire from high-caliber projectile weapons (hundreds of rounds from multiple G36K's, FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon's and automatic shotguns) for a short period. A self-destruct that activates if the suit is tampered with. A controller on the chest that remotely activates other Vanir technology. A Heads up display that displays various information about the user's surroundings. An electromagnetic field emitted from the suit that disrupts scanners.

Despite its many strengths and advantages, the suits can be penetrated by weapon fire, including shell-firing weapons and the plasma pistols of the Vanir.


When the Vanir chose a planet with a toxic atmosphere as their new home, they were eventually forced to wear these exoskeletons as the environment became too harsh. Over time, these suits were constantly worn by them.

When the Vanir invaded Atlantis and moved towards Janus' lab, three members of the Vanir wore this armored exoskeleton, preventing them from being identified. Later, Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Daniel Jackson came across two empty suits, putting them on themselves in order to shut down the Attero device in Janus' research outpost. Thanks to the suits, they both survived the harsh conditions inside the chamber holding the device, although Jackson was hit by an arc of electrical energy. Nevertheless, he made a full recovery.