Status: Alive
Gender: male
Race: Human
Homeplanet: Akharan
Rank: Tok'ra spy
Allegiances: Tau'rì


Galaxy: Milky way
Aziru of Akharan is the former host of the Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al. He was his host for over two thousand years.

After Ba'al was deposed, he stopped using his Goa'uld voice mostly and used his host's voice predominantly. Ba'al made several clones of himself, but all of them and the original were eventually killed except one. This clone's symbiote was extracted from the host by the Tok'ra and killed. The host survived the extraction and Vala Mal Doran offered to help him cope as she knows what it is like to be the host of a Goa'uld. This cloned version of Ba'al's host is the only known host of a major System Lord who has been freed from its symbiote.

After extraction, Aziru took a long time before being able to accept the separation from the Goa'uld Ba'al but finally with the help of Vala Mal Doran later became his partner, was able to overcome the depressive state and to cooperate actively in the project Stargate quickly integrating into modern society. Some traits, however, remained in Aziru of Ba'al, join a new SGC team Aziru collaborates actively to destroy the remaining System Lords, led the reconstruction by the Goa'uld Khnum.

Stargate Armageddon Modifica



Thanks to his knowledge and support of the same Vala Mal Doran, Aziru got through a period of depression after extraction of Ba'al symbiote. The knowledge leads him to help the Command Stargate and former host becomes a member of the unit 19 consists of two former host (Vala Mal Doran and he) a Jaffa as well as a Tau'ri. Thanks to his information participates in the fall of planet Harset. (Ep : Fallen)

Aziru and his team is sent to the planet Eskal to retrieve the virus that has infected SG1.(Ep: The gods awaken).

Knowledge concerning the Goa'uld Sebiumeker, allow Aziru to save Dr. Jackson found himself trapped in a device on the planet P4X-992 .(Ep : Kush)

It joins with Teal'c in Asgard crystal research in possession of the System Lord Khnum on the planet Khenem. Discovered unexpectedly, he is tortured and killed without revealing any information about the mission. later it is rescued thanks to Asgard beam used by Balder. On the planet of Asgard, witnessing the siege, she managed to dial the address of the planet Earth just before the explosion of the planet itself. (Ep: The Return of the Gods)

Participates actively in the war against Malecathi, she was wounded but not seriously