Bastet guard

Bast Guard

The guard Bast are the Jaffa loyal to the System Lord Bastet . Unlike other Goa'uld and their Jaffa guards , Bast Guards are exclusively formed from Jaffa female. The men and the children of Bast guards are employed as servants or as messengers and couriers.

Each Guard Bast as the Jaffa of other Goa'uld , were trained for combat with firearms, bladed weapons and melee as well as in the martial arts including the Mastaba , also unlike the majority of Jaffa Guards have Bast in the left arm a series of claws as we see in the jackal guards , weapon in combat and won a clear advantage over the enemy . Although the use of this weapon would give a clear advantage over Bast Guards who inspire a great terror , terror is another element of the helmet , designed to resemble the species Sekhmet .

Despite the terrific aspect , the Guards bast , however, has a compassionate side towards women and children, even to those enemies. Because of the fighting style known as " terrifying " in which bursts of claw , kick and punch of energy weapons are interspersed with verses and shouts able to terrorize the enemy , Bast Guards have a certain advantage to the enemies who intend to challenge them .