Race: None
Technological Period: None
Earth Interest: Free Jaffa Nation Outpost (Past)

Goa'uld Outpost (Past)

Under controll of: None
Domain: None
Galaxy: Milky way
Planet of the Milky Way where there is a stargate.

History Modifica

The birthplace of the Jaffa, according to legend, which also says Dakara was the site of the first prim'tah ritual where their enslavement emerged. The planet is deep within Baal'sformer territory, making a claim to the planet tactically unsound. He kept a number of Ha'taks in range of the world to guard it from such an incursion. Dakara is the location of an Ancient super-weapon monument that once gave a rebirth to life in this galaxy following the devastation of a great plague that had swept through. A Stargate lies at the base of this monument, and when the device is properly reprogrammed it would allow the energy field to pass through and spread to all of the gates in the Milky Way. The Humanoid Replicator copy of Samantha Carter wished to destroy the device, knowing it could be reprogrammed to eliminate all Replicator forces in the galaxy (which it eventually did). The Goa'uld Anubis wished to use this weapon to rebuild the galaxy to his own specifications. Teal'c believed the key to brinding Jaffa together, both by a strategic position and an example of their strength, was to capture the planet and hold it in the name of Free Jaffa. After a long and bloody campaign they managed to fend off Goa'uld and Replicator forces and maintain the world for themselves. Jaffa from across the galaxy arrived on Dakara to make it their home and commence the establishment of a democratic government.

Months later, the Free Jaffa Nation officially emerged, and a leader was voted into office: Gerak, former First Prime of the Goa'uld Montu. With Baal and all other significant Goa'uld defeated, the Free Jaffa continue to inhabit Dakara, building structures of stone and a strong society that hopes to spread into the rest of the galaxy. Se'tak, the Jaffa leader appointed following Gerak's death, began to take matters in his own hands when the army of the Ori began to march upon worlds of the Milky Way. He used the Dakara superweapon to eliminate at least one human world while an Ori warship had been on its surface. The Orici Adria, recognizing this superweapon as a threat to her army, took her vessel to Dakara and leveled the entire settlement from orbit. Despite this setback at their new capital, the Free Jaffa nation would continue to thrive after the Ori had been defeated.

Stargate Armageddon Modifica

During the conflict against Malecathi, the planet is hit by the surface crystallization and is subsequently torn to pieces by a massive orbital bombardment by the Malecathi fleet. After this attack, Dakara is considered now the same way as an asteroid belt (Ep: Unexpected allies)