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Echeyde, Achàman Pyramid

"False beliefs" is one of the episodes of Stargate Armageddon.


Years later, a team SGC during the exploration of the planet comes into contact with a population believed to be extinct but hides an ancient and dangerous enemy.


The exploration of P9G-991 goes smoothly until the team did not unexpectedly discovers that the planet is inhabited by descendants of the Canary Islands. The archaeologist of the team decided to further explore the canyons around the stargate and discovers not only a village inhabited dnsamente, but also a monument depicting Achaman and many recordings that indicate stargate addresses. After contacting with the local population, the team vienbe know that the Guanches inhabiting the village are waiting for their God arrives on the planet to heal the sick. Despite the explanations given to the population, the latter refuses the truth about Achaman and after being warmly welcomed them to drug and imprisons them to offer the Goa'uld. The situation worsens when they arrive from the stargate a dozen Jaffa who make contact with the local population and take over the team. The situation worsens considerably when the mother ship enters the atmosphere and lands on the planet.

The prisoners are transferred to the prisons of the Ha'tak ship and are then tortured by the same Achaman but without success, he learns to be in danger. Meanwhile, some unrest broke out in the village that represses the Goa'uld killing insurgents, but this gesture brings some other Guanches to doubt the goodness of the same Achàman. The latter realizes he can not stay on the planet and leaves him quickly while leaving the surface much of its army and some Jaffa underlord to restore its sovereignty in the population. The SGC team unable to contact the address of the Earth and from the base stargate is sent a missile containing poison symbionts. In a few minutes the Goa'uld and Jaffa on the planet's surface are killed and much of the population seeing the show commits suicide as a result. aboard his ship Ha'tak, Achaman  decides to leave Echeyde  for the moment to go back in a second time and win him back.


Achàman, Echeyde, Doramas, Guanches, Goa'uld poison ,Earth ,Ha'tak


  • Achaman made ​​some Guanches populations thousands of years ago
  • The Goa'uld has maintained full control of the planet even after the fall of the Goa'uld