Race: Human


Technological Period: Advanced Age
Earth Interest: Goa'uld Outpost
Under controll of: Kara
Domain: Kara
Galaxy: Milky Way
Planet of the Milky Way where there is a stargate.

Descriptions  and  HistoryModifica

Goloka is a super-Earth planet with about twice Earth’s mass. The planet orbits a K-class star – an orange dwarf – that is less luminous than our sun. The closer orbit by itself is not sufficient to hold temperatures to the average temperatures on Earth. This is supplemented by the higher content of carbon dioxide which acts as a greenhouse gas. The planet has formed within the inner portion of the accretion disk of the primordial solar system. It is rich in rocks and metal, and very poor in volatiles such as water, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. At a given time shortly after its formation, Goloka has been impacted by a planet larger than Mars. The planet is named “Ira”, the Latin word for “Wrath”. Ira originated from the outer solar system and is presumed to have been tugged-in by a gas giant. It is rich in volatiles and accounts for much of the added volatiles. Ira’s impact course is not aligned with Salsola’s orbit, leading to Ira’s collision at one of the poles, flipping the entire axis of rotation on its side. The end result was a high axial tilt of roughly 90 degrees, similar to that of Uranus. This tilted axis has given the planet its name “Goloka”:

The botanical name of the tumbleweed, as the planet tumbles on its axis rather than spinning like a top.  Home to a civilization flourished from deportations Goa'uld made thousands of years ago, Goloka saw its population grow steadily but controlled by the various rulers of the planet until the planet was not claimed and won by the Goa'uld Kara who made it his capital. Gigantic buildings were erected with great expenditure of resources just to please the Goa'uld, who has since established a reign of terror on the planet. After nearly two decades of tyrannical government, Goloka saw the departure of Goa'uld Kara for his new Eskal conquest. For the occasion, nearly one million prisoners coming from Goloka were deported to the planet Eskal, allowing the Goloka population to resume living without the terror and the brutality inflicted by Goa'uld Kara.