Race: Human



Technological Period: Copper Age
Earth Interest: Goa'uld Outpost
Under controll of: Ra Horakhti
Domain: Ra Horakhti
Galaxy: Pegasus
Planet of the Galaxy pegasus without a stargate.


In some ways similar to some desert planets in the Milky Way, Haram once the seat of civilization Haram is a desert wasteland largely due to a series of natural disasters caused by excessive pollution generated by the industry on the planet. The flora of the planet is composed of plants adapted to high temperatures while the fauna is almost entirely disappeared. There are no seas or oceans because of the draining of all water emerged, but they are still numerous rivers and underground reservoirs. The world's population by more than 15 billion people exist, has been drastically reduced to only 2 million scattered beneath the planet's surface in underground cities, the level of technology is also heavily regressed to the Copper Age.

Stargate Armageddon Modifica

The long history of Haram has been inhabited the planet about 10,000 years ago the same Ancients here they built a military outpost later abandoned after the mass arrival of the Wraith on the planet. After the extinction of every living being on the planet after the raid Wraith, a group of humans arrived thousands of years later and using the technology yet, he created an advanced civilization but I exploit to excess resources of the planet, causing a natural disaster that destroyed their entire civilization itself making the planet a barren desert. Locked out of haram, survivors regressed almost to the stone age by abandoning the city to the surface to create vast underground city in which to survive. given the nature of the rocks that hid the sensors wraith, survivors of Haram survived the new collection Wraith ignoring what was happening. After the abandonment of the city of Atlantis from the Pegasus galaxy, the planet was again probed by wraith hives without success. Haram was the first planet explored by the Goa'uld after they arrived in the Pegasus galaxy, a pyramid was built in the vicinity of the only inhabited settlement on the planet.