Horus Guards

They are the personal guard of the deceased Ra and his family, in the past have contributed to the army of the Supreme System Lord and his death were divided to various Goa'uld Goa'uld of the family of the deceased. Known for their helmet representing a falcon, Horus guards are divided into two sects:

The Guards read that they do not dress the Jaffa armor, but simple dresses in linen and cotton with exception to the mask and the wide collar.

The assault troops who wear the typical regular metal armor of dark silver mixed with a burnt sienna. The Horus Guards play an important role together with those snake once loyal to Apophis and his family, as constituted at the death of the  Heru'ur the first hembrion real free Jaffa nation. as a result of some of these guards went back to worship the Goa'uld during the invasion Orii. This veneration was skillfully exploited in particular by Khnum, who refounded the order making him become the leading member of his personal guard.

Horus guard3

Jaffa known belonging to this elite: