Jotunn Class
Jotunn class
Manufacter: Asgard
Designer: Asgard
Class: Jotunn
Engine unit's: Sublight

Asgard Hyperdrive

Fuel: Neutronium
Hyperdrive System: Intergalactic
Power Plant: Engine room's
Shelding: Asgard Shield
Control System: Asgard Stone
Countermeasures: Self Destruction
Armament: 20 Ion Cannon
Minimum Crew: 1
Passenger: Over 2000 asgard
Cargo Capacity: Unkhnow
Other System: Central Computer Core

2 primary transporter arrays

10 secondary transporter arrays

Stasis pod

Role: Asgard Prototype ship
Affiliation: Asgard
Experimental class of ships built by the prototype have to asgard Balder replacing the powerful Class O'Neill destroyed when the Asgard committed mass suicide. Although not equipped with beam weapons, have a firepower that destroy the shields Ha'tak easily despite the recent update. In addition, the ship itself is a concentration of ion generators Neutrino- well as military found for the previous war against replicatori.20 transporters are present on each vessel.

Design Modifica

The first jötunn of which we know is the vessel once almost trapped inside a black hole. It takes the shape of spaceships asard newer, but with tones more dark blue and black. The ships also have a more elongated and affusulata compared to other types of ships asgard. The engines are still visible from space.

Maneuverability Modifica

Despite its size longer than the other ships Asgard, the class jötunn is perhaps the most maneuverable ship fleet Asgard each time exception made for Daniel Jackson.

Technology Modifica

The technology used in class ships jötunn is notevolemnte advanced although not to the level reached at the end of the race Asgad. This deficiency, however did not preclude the expansion of Asgard in the Milky Way.

Hull Modifica

Before their mass suicide, the Asgard had developed a new alloy consisting of a combination of naquadah, trinium carbon and creating the strongest material that the Asgard knew and used to create the hull of the ship O'Neill class.

Hyperdrive Modifica

The hyperdrives on jötunn class were far superior to those installed on the ship Bilskirnir class obsolete, and most likely the fastest ever built hyperdrives.

Shielding Modifica

Screens jötunn class were some of the most powerful ever designed, able to withstand more hits from both the weapon central beam of a warship Replicator, Alteran or other weapons and its pulse secondary, both of which were in able to destroy Ha'tak of not more than a single or handful of shots, respectively.

Weapon Modifica

The Jotunn class was armed with eight guns ionic powerful; two of which were visible on both "wings" ships, with two more on the bow of the ship can retract into the hull. Designed to penetrate the shielding systems of both the vessels and shields Replicator updated Goa'uld Anubis', the bolts ions fired from these weapons were able to refraction to bypass a shield and hit a target several times. These guns were the only known energy weapons able to destroy blocks Replicator, which traditionally impervious to energy weapons, kinetic force pure and were also implied to be powerful enough to counter the shields updated on Anubis' Ha'tak although it has never been demonstrated.