Paesaggio egizio fantastico
Race: None
Technological Period: None
Earth Interest: Goa'uld Outpost
Under controll of: None
Domain: Sebiumeker
Galaxy: Milky Way
Planet of the Milky Way which is a stargate.


An Earth-like planet with an unusually large axial tilt causing extreme seasonal changes. Both the northern and southern hemispheres experience cold winters with cold nights that can last for weeks or months at a time depending on the latitude. A giant pyramid is partly in ruins in the southern hemisphere along with the remains of a village abandoned probably a few thousand years ago.

Stargate ArmageddonModifica

Visited by the teams SGC, the planet was classified as a place of archaeological interest due to the Goa'uld ruins around the Great Pyramid in ruins, following numerous excavations have unearthed artifacts Goa'uld identifying the planet as the domain of the Goa'uld Sebiumeker .

One of the artifacts of unknown origin traps Dr. jackson forcing the square to a rescue mission in collaboration with the team led by Aziru (Ep: Kush)