Race: None
Technological Period: None
Earth Interest: Goa'uld Outpost
Under controll of: None
Domain: Sebiumeker
Galaxy: Milky way
Planet of the Milky Way despite its reporting in the hall of the cartouches of Abydos, does not have a stargate.

Description and History Modifica

Little is known on this planet except that it is a desert planet with high mountain ranges and low water, mostly present in underground reservoirs. In the past, the planet was visited by the Ancients that put a stargate on its surface probably taken from Sebiumeker that claimed the planet as his possession. The only people on the planet is collected at the temples of Sebiumeker.

Stargate Armageddon Modifica

The planet was visited thanks to human knowledge Aziru, with the aim of recovering a sequence of symbols. (Ep: Kush)