Race: Human
Technological Period: Advanced Age
Earth Interest: Atmospheric monitoring system
Under controll of: Tau'rì
Domain: Tau'rì
Galaxy: Milky Way
Piramess was the name of a hostile world in the Milky Way galaxy.


Piramess was a once temperate world now compltely shrouded in ice and snow. The inhabitants of this world have devised a weather control device that keeps the temperature war within the confines of their temple cities. This weather control technology could potentially be used as a weapon on other worlds, and the System Lords have taken notice of this.

In 2010, a force of Goa'uld descended upon this peaceful planet from orbit, using the weather control device to freeze the capital cities. With such a device, they could force hundreds of worlds into submission. However, forces of the Tau'ri have arrived to restore Piramess' planetary defenses and drive the System Lords away.

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