Status: Deceased
Gender: Asexual (Male personality)
Race: Goa'uld
Homeplanet: P4X-996
Rank: Goa'uld Minor
Allegiances: Himself
Galaxy: Milky Way
Not much is known Sebiumeker, except that he was born of the queen Amenesemi less on planet Earth, where he entered the service of the Goa'uld Dedwen as his underlord. Following its traces are lost when probably the kingdom of Meroe collapsed after pushing Muslim region. Leaving the Earth with a small following of loyal, Sebiumeker decided to establish an interstellar empire by putting his capital on the planet P4X-996. On the planet has built a beautiful city known as the blue city, but after less than 500 years has had to abandon not only his dreams of domination, but the same planet because of severe climate change caused so sudden. We currently do not know the fate of Sebiumeker, but it is assumed to live on a planet in the galaxy.

Stargate Armageddon Modifica

During the mission of the SG 1 team in exploration on the planet classified as P4X-992 it is revealed that the Goa'uld was killed by an alien device which he recovered. (Ep: Kush)

Mithology Modifica

Sebiumeker symbol

Although Sebiumeker was a major god in Sudan, historians do not have a lot of information about how the Kushites perceived him. Since representations of this god are often located near doorways, he is thought to have been some sort of a guardian God.

Enormous statues of this God flanked the doorways of the Amon Temple at Tabo and the Eastern Temple at Musawwarat es Sofra. Sebiumeker, along with another unknown, deity are identified at Tabo as "guardians of the temple".