Status: Deceased
Gender: Asexual (Male personality)
Race: Goa'uld
Homeplanet: Loeask
Rank: Goa'uld Minor
Allegiances: Himself
Galaxy: Milky way
Minor Goa'uld who has made ​​his fortune thanks to the reconquest of the Milky Way by new Supreme System Lords.


Born in the last years of the reign of Sokar, reached maturity only 1 year after the death of renegade System Lord in the orbit of the planet Netu. Because of the death of his legitimate sovereign now mature larva was combined with a guest human fallback and with his new human form and a strong personality like that of a devil joker, Sedask easily took control of the planet Dua 'netu , a minor planet sparsely populated and still the Middle Ages technologically and socially. Although he has the knowledge of his ancestors, Sedask decided to swear allegiance to the new sovereign of delmak maintaining his position and rank, and later coming attacked by Aziel and other underlord still loyal to the deceased Sokar. the unexpected death of Apophis, Sedask forced to negotiate a truce against the other underlord of Sokar and then to sign a treaty in which renounced all claim to the control of its entire domain outside of the same Dua Netu, where he eventually was imprisoned. Released by one of the agents sent by the same Anubis, Sedask soon began to serve the Goa'uld with the dreaded task of organizing the extraction of naquadah many planets conquered by the Anubis. Out of all odds even Anubis was defeated on the Earth's orbit and Sedask decided to serve in turn submitted its Ba'al.

640px-Sedask 2


Strong of a mighty army, Sedask continued his post without worrying about the invasion of the invasion and rebellion Replicators Jaffa that the fall of took Dakara such danger that the same Ba'al ordered the return of all his goa'uld below  planet Harset. On the new planet Sedask quickly realized the plight into which they had fallen the Goa'uld and decided to collaborate in the hope of restoring the Goa'uld Empire.

Stargate Armageddon Modifica

Send an army once faithful to the Goa'uld Sokar to regain his world .Its overconfidence leads him to commit a series of mistakes including the one to capture the SG1 units and of underestimating his servants. He is killed in the explosion of his mother ship into the orbit of the planet Loeask.


176px-Sedask symbol

Sedask symbol

Unlike other Goa'uld arrived in the Pegasus galaxy, Sedask is actually one of the symbionts completed in the last few years just before the fall of the empire, and consequently it is not known in the Milky Way, the galaxy pegasus it. He has decided to impersonate a God of the underworld on the model of the same Sokar, using a set of characteristic elements of Christian mythology.