Manufacter: Goa'uld
Designer: Goa'uld
Class: Flagship
Fuel: Naquadriah
Hyperdrive System: Intergalactic
Shelding: Goa'uld Shield Upgrades
Control System: Pel'tak
Countermeasures: Self Destruct
Armament: 150 Staff Cannon Upgrades
Complement: Thirty wings of Death Gliders + Ten wings of Al'kesh bombers[
Role: Flagship
Affiliation: Goa'uld
Flagship of the new generation, the Shu'tak gathers within itself the improvements achieved in the last years of the previous dynasty addition to the usual and updated technology already available to the Goa'uld. This new type of vessel incorporates the Goa'uld pyramid shapes, but changes the structure around the central pyramid making welcomeing and sinuous harmonica, also thanks to the new forms used, has many more guns normal flagships goa'uld previously built. Given the size, the flagships can not land on the planet at least they do not have appropriate support structures. Currently only one flagship was built.

Sublight engines and HyperdriveModifica

Like any Goa'uld spaceship, also owns the Shu'tak sublight engines mifgliorati thanks to the technology learned by Anubis from the mind of Asgard Thor. Greater maneuverability and better flywheel as well as new engines of anovra are present in command of the ship. The Hiperdrive is kind of intergalactic less powerful than that used by the Tau'ri, able to make the trip between the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxy in about 1 month making at least three stops in order to cool the engine.

Armament and ShieldsModifica

Shutak 2
This flagship is equipped with almost 150 cannons updated goa'uld able to overcome the shields Asgard, Tau'ri and Orii albeit after a prolonged bombardment, also seems that the arms can increase their power, however, removing power to the shield itself. As a result, new guns Wraith / goa'uld hybrids have replaced the previous ones, giving a much greater firepower of the weapons above. The latter is a new concept. It is a shield of self-healing, technology stolen from the Furlings millennia before Khnum and implemented on the flagship as well as almost impenetrable defense. In addition, a second type of original Goa'uld shield this is a time that is less self-healing.

Computer  and  sensorsModifica

Computers and sensors are derivations from the previous ones, but thanks to technology Asgard, they are significantly more in-depth, the ship is also equipped with sensors for deep space are able to detect the different types of ships by analyzing their tracks energy. A novelty for technology goa'uld is the matrix of creation or a device able to create from molecules dispersed in the air, or other objects.

Transport, StorageModifica

Shutak 3
The ship having more measures than normal Ha'tak, possesses greater space to bring the material or humans. The capacity of the hold is 4,000 tons more the possibility of bringing in his environments from a minimum of 5,000 to a maximum of 10,000 individuals. A ring system provides to move the ship through differentiated sequence of the crystals, the crew and cargo. The ship can interface with the Asgard transporter and with those classic ring.


The ship can also carry with about 36 of the death gliders and 10 Alkesh , also could serve as a carrier for other Ha'tak new generation.