Status: Ascendent
Gender: Male
Race: Abydonian (Human)
Homeplanet: Abydos
Rank: Kasuf son
Allegiances: Abydonian's


Galaxy: Milky way
Young inhabitant of Abydos , the son of Kasuf and Sha're 's brother , is the head of the group of young people who will come in the team headed by Colonel Jack O'Neill. Become a friend of Daniel Jackson and O'Neill of the same ( which reminds her son died at a young age) and helps them defeat the Goa'uld Ra , freeing his people from slavery. A year later, during the first episode of SG1 is taken prisoner by a group of Jaffa and conducted by pophis , who chose him as a guest of another Goa'uld , his son Klorel. During the first attack of Apophis to the Earth, Skaara , owned by Klorel , is with his father . Is recovered from the SG- 1 , which brings out Skaara for a short time thanks to the use of a weapon zat ' . Being Klorel managed to regain control of the body , Colonel O'Neill is forced to shoot him , killing him. Brought back to life thanks to the sarcophagus , Skaara / Klorel fail due to escape from the ship before it exploded .

Two years later, Skaara / Klorel rushes over Tollana , the planet of Tollana , which put in place a process to determine which of the two beings ( the human or the Goa'uld ) is more correct to assign the control of the body. During this process , which involves the SG -1, the Goa'uld Zipacna and Nox Lya , Klorel is eradicated , allowing Skaara to return to Abydos . Skaara returned to Abydos. Several years later, he helped SG-1 find the Eye of Ra in the Abydos pyramid. He was later killed by Anubis' Jaffa, but he and the rest of the Abydonians ascended with the help of Oma Desala. When SG-1 returned to Abydos to find out what happened, he explained how Anubis had destroyed the planet and Oma had ascended everyone. Skaara had not seen Daniel and tells SG-1 that they will not see him again for a long time before disappearing.