Son's of Ra
Son of ra
Species: Human
Homeplanet: Abydos

Sekhet Hetep

Language: Goa'uld
Alliance: Goa'uld
Galaxy: Milky way
Ra's sons are a group of humans who worshiped the Supreme Lord Lord Ra even after his death.

History Modifica

During his time as the Lord of the Supreme System, Ra often surrounded himself with human children to serve as servants. The children in question were indoctrinated with propaganda and remained firmly faithful to their God. They also acted as human shields that should never be threatened and could be called upon to do all that their Lord commanded, with the children who are serving Ra Reason and without any question. When Abydos' original expedition killed Ra, these children, who were left behind, on Sekhet Hetep and Abydos were eventually integrated into the community of their respective planets.

However, without knowing the Tau'ri, many of them grew up promising revenge for the death of their beloved god and began launching attacks on Earth and Abydos, using their knowledge of Goa'uld technology and a fierce religious fervor. Their goals.