Valkyrie Class
Valkyrie Class
Manufacter: Asgard
Designer: Balder
Class: Valkyrie
Engine unit's: Sublight

Asgard Hyperdrive

Fuel: Neotronium
Hyperdrive System: Intergalactic
Power Plant: Engine room's
Shelding: Asgard Upgrades
Control System: Asgard Stone
Countermeasures: Self Destruction
Armament: 30 Ion Cannon
Minimum Crew: 1
Passenger: Over 2000
Other System: Central Computer Core

10 primary transporter arrays

10 secondary transporter arrays

Stasis pod


Role: Battleship
Affiliation: Asgard
The Valkyrie class, is spring class of Asgard spacecraft designed and built after the return of the last Asgard in the Milky Way.

Overview Modifica

Built and designed personally dall'Asgard Balder as warship, the Valkyrie class is a type of spacecraft with improvements in the armament and shield, these last two kindly donated by the Tau'ri as a sign of gratitude towards their main benefactors.

The Valkyrie class replaced the Jotunn Class ship as the Asgard vessel of choice when engaging hostile forces. These vessels were powered by an unknown number of Neutrino-ion generators, and possessed twenty Asgard transporters. 

Design Modifica


The Valkyrie class shared the same aesthetics as other Asgard spaceships, with smooth, curving lines and parallel sets of projections. Overall these ships were similar in appearance to the Bilskirnir-class ships, except with a curved, bulging "head" design for the bow. As with all Asgard warships, the Valkyrie series of vessels had a distinctive hammer shaped hull design. The rear of these ships house two engines with visibly glowing thrusters, also similar to the Bilskirnir-class.

Technology Modifica

Valkyrie Class vessels, incorporating the most advanced technologies the Asgard possess, were among the most powerful ships in the known in Stargate Armageddon.

Hull Modifica


Before their mass suicide, the Asgard had developed a new alloy that is a combination of naquadah, trinium carbon and creating the strongest material that Asgard knew and used to create the hull of the ship O'Neill class. Following this alloy it has been implemented in the new Valkyrie class with excellent performance.

Hypedrive Azgard Modifica


Valkyrie sınıfının aşırı tahrik araçları, geminin Bilskirnir'in eski sınıfına yüklenenlerden çok daha üstün ve büyük olasılıkla şimdiye kadar yapılmış en hızlı sürücülerdi. Bu hiper sürüşücüler birkaç saat içinde Pegasus ve Samanyolu galaksileri arasında dolaşabildiklerini kanıtladı.

Shielding Modifica

Shields of this class of ships have the same power as those implemented in O'Neill Class and Tau'ri ships, and are able to withstand multiple blows of the power of the Wraith and Orii weapons.

Weapon Modifica

The Valkirie Class was armed with four powerful ion guns; two of which were visible on both of the ships "wings", with two more at the bow of the ship capable of retracting into the hull.