Vanir Spaceship
Manufacter: Vanir
Designer: Vanir
Class: Battleship
Lenght: ?
Width: ?
Height/Depth: ?
Engine unit's: Sublight engines


Hyperdrive System: Interstellar
Shelding: Energy shields
Countermeasures: Atlantis shield bypass (now ineffective)
Armament: Energy weapons
Affiliation: Vanir
Vanir starships are spaceships built by the Vanir in the Pegasus galaxy.


Similar in size to the Prometheus, these ships are equipped with an electromagnetic field which allowed them to pass through Atlantis' shield without resistance by mimicking the field generated by Ancient ships, although the shield has since been reconfigured to prevent this. They are capable of dropping soldiers vertically from a drop bay and subsequently retrieving them via use of a drilling platform.

The only known room inside the ship consists of a brig equipped with "laser force shields" that emit a painful jolt when touched. The ship is capable of interstellar hyperspace travel, and open hyperspace windows within a planet's atmosphere. Their weapons and shields are far inferior to the ships of their Ida galaxy brethren; they are easily defeated by Traveler generational ships, even when they have a numerical advantage.


A Vanir ship engages a Traveler ship.

In the Battle of M6H-987, two of the three Vanir starships engaged a Traveler ship while the third escaped to hyperspace. They were revealed to be only slightly larger than a Traveler ship, which proved to be a match for them. One was destroyed when it and the Traveler ship fought at point-blank range, and the other was destroyed later in a brief exchange of fire on the far side of M6H-987.

As the Vanir arrived in the Pegasus galaxy 10,000 years ago, their offensive and defensive technology is less advanced than their mainstream Asgard counterparts, as those Asgard fought the Replicators and had to develop more advanced weapons, shield technology, and ships to effectively fight them, and also because the planet on which the Vanir settled did not have the necessary resources to build intergalactic hyperdrives, much less ships capable of combating the Wraith.