Sg1 zat nik tel zat gun by toraiinxamikaze-d3op4y9
Manufacter: Goa'uld
Designer: Goa'uld
Function: Weapon
Made of: Naquadah
Power Source: Unkhnow
Affiliation: Goa'uld


The Goa'uld zat'n'ktel is a weapon that appears from the first series. It is shaped like a snake with a less offensive power compared to 'Weapon at auction. Its effects are the following:

  •      The first blow stuns the enemy (its effect is similar to   ECT);
  •      The second shot kills the enemy;
  •      The third shot disintegrates the body of the enemy.

Due to excessive difficulty in pronunciation of the name, the weapon was immediately dubbed by Colonel Jack O'Neill "Zat gun."